Thursday, 29 September 2011


It came like a dream,
Eating Chocolate with Cream

Tom and Jerry were my super hero,
When I didn't knew what was zero.

Holding hands I learnt to walk,
Watching lips I knew to talk.

My room had Sun and Stars together,
I used to be happy and play with lather.

Flowers and butterflies were my best friends,
Used to wonder little sparrows can count tens.

How exciting was to see a fish in a pond,
Watching English movies I wanted to be a blond.

Eating Candies, dressing like fairies,
I loved jams and little berries.

Weeping when someone took my toys,
Hitting in dream the cruel boys

Body was dirty and caked with mud,
Looking at wound tiny eyes got flood.

Bench was my book and Chalk was my pen
Riding on tricycle where I was the airman.

Pizzas pastries were my favorite dish,
Meeting Santa was always my wish.

Snatching toys was more than a fun,
Playing hide and seek and taking a long run.

It's all about my Childhood, that is too far to reach,
Where each story had something to teach

Tears roll when I try to think,
How far I am of it in a blink