Thursday, 29 September 2011


It came like a dream,
Eating Chocolate with Cream

Tom and Jerry were my super hero,
When I didn't knew what was zero.

Holding hands I learnt to walk,
Watching lips I knew to talk.

My room had Sun and Stars together,
I used to be happy and play with lather.

Flowers and butterflies were my best friends,
Used to wonder little sparrows can count tens.

How exciting was to see a fish in a pond,
Watching English movies I wanted to be a blond.

Eating Candies, dressing like fairies,
I loved jams and little berries.

Weeping when someone took my toys,
Hitting in dream the cruel boys

Body was dirty and caked with mud,
Looking at wound tiny eyes got flood.

Bench was my book and Chalk was my pen
Riding on tricycle where I was the airman.

Pizzas pastries were my favorite dish,
Meeting Santa was always my wish.

Snatching toys was more than a fun,
Playing hide and seek and taking a long run.

It's all about my Childhood, that is too far to reach,
Where each story had something to teach

Tears roll when I try to think,
How far I am of it in a blink


  1. According to me the poem is superb. I think here the nostalgia lures the human child to an island of dreams where her innocence will never be lost through the different pressures and expectations towards them from the rest of the world and promises the child that he will get more happiness there than the smaller amount as expected from the world. On the flip side it can also be said that it is the silent desire of the poetess herself to escape to such a world.
    I think you wrote this because the world these children are living in is depriving them of their childhood. This loss of innocence is a central idea to the poem. You were all about detailing and emphasizing this idea through two main literary techniques: one being vivid imagery and the other being superfluous key terms and phrases within each stanza. The metamorphosis of girl into a lady is an important part of the poem, despite (or perhaps because of) the ambiguity relating to its literal meaning.

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  3. Ah ! That irksome but cloying childhood ...

    Fabulously done !

  4. Waiting anxiously for the release of "MOTHER"
    Plz, post as soon as possible.

  5. ma'am,
    who told u write poem?
    who told u to go for poetry?
    whole credit goes to?

  6. Yes Tulsi, it's only you who kindled me to put thoughts into words. I owe my newly cultivated hobby to you and an added beautiful reason to utilize the precious time. Thanking you heartily.

  7. Also, dont forget Tulsi that you have an equal contribution for its formation.